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The Best Vegan Parka from Aritzia

our picksCara GrammaComment

Aritzia has become my absolute go-to for stunning, high quality vegan parkas that are even cozier than blankets, and I must turn you on to them as the season turns bitter (yes, even here in LA!).

I love mine so much I actually miss it in the summer.

Take it from me, the Canadian:

This is the best winter wardrobe investment you'll ever make.

This year, the prize goes to their Babaton OSKAR PARKA—a glorious, faux-fur lined, water-resistant coat they guarantee will keep you warm, dry and happy anywhere you go. 


I haven't found any other brand that makes them quite as beautifully, but comment down below if you have other favorites we need to re-consider for.

Happy holidays,