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That French Look: Cruelty-Free Makeup Artist Alexandra French's Top Finds

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The cruelty-free makeup section can be an overwhelming place to navigate without a guide, so we found you the best.

Not sure how to tell which ethical products are reliable enough to become your new favorites?

We asked Alexandra French, the L.A. based makeup designer behind our first lookbook, for a personal tour of the top 10 tried-and-true products she's come to swear by. "A lot of people assume vegan or green beauty products don't work as well as the leading toxic brands, but there are SO many makeup artists out there that prove that it does," she says. "Everything in my kit right now is vegan and cruelty free and I am so proud of that!"

She's used her kit on set with everyone from CYN to Rosemarie DeWitt, so this Ms. French knows what will deliver.


Face atelier foundation - $38

Light, dewy finish with great coverage and a range of 5 adjusters for customizable shades.


RMS Lip2Cheek - $36

Coconut based lip and cheek stain with a beautiful, natural finish.


KOSAS Cosmetics - $28-34

Kosas has a great collection of beautiful, simple lip colors. I also adore their blush.


Pai Organic Rosehip Oil - $40

Rosehip Oil is great as a gentle moisturizer for the face before makeup, it's never too oily, and it's amazing for your skin.


Bite Beauty Everyday Agave Lip Scrub - $20

Bite beauty lip scrub is my absolute go to when I don’t have time to make my own lip scrub at home. This Toronto brand has your back.


Farmacy Rise N Shine - $40

An all-day moisturizer that reinforces the skin's natural moisture content and protects collagen. 


Vapour Luminous Skin Perfecting Primer - $48

Vapour's primer helps everything last all day. It's a must on set.



Axiology Lipsticks and Lip Crayons - $28-30

These are so creamy and long lasting, I'm hooked! The amazing people at Axiology sent us a few shades to try on our lookbook shoot, and these have become an immediate favorite of mine. They have great pigment and tons of variations to choose from.


I use this app called THINK DIRTY which was introduced to me by my friend, and very talented green beauty MUA Alyson Granaderos. She has really opened my eyes to this world.

Think Dirty lets you scan any makeup/ household items and it will tell you all the chemicals and yucky things inside of them. It rates it from 1-10: anything 1-3 is in the clear and is great to use. They also recommend alternatives. You can type in "mascara" for example and they will have a list of clean mascaras that are not harmful to you. It's amazing.

Face Atelier is a staple in my kit but comes up as a 10, which really sucks because it works so well and it GLOWS, is cruelty free and vegan, but I guess we cant have it all. 

I had to give so much stuff away because I no longer wanted to put those toxic chemicals on my clients or myself!