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Your vegan fashion home is finally here. Faux real.



Your vegan fashion paradise is finally here.


Faux Real.


Let's be real.

Racking aisles for the perfect leather-free pieces each season, only to find options that compromise your ethics or your style?

We know the feeling. You know great cruelty-free items are out there, but it's frustrating how hard it can be to find the ones you love.

We're here to change that.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 7.27.45 AM.png

We're bringing you stunning pieces worthy of your best-dressed days (and nights), and the only skin they'll be made to feature is yours.

The vegan fashion struggle is finally over.

Sneak a peek

Here's a taste of what we'll send your way, brought to you by past editions of The Pleathr Cut.

All the karate kids on your block will be jealous.

We found the perfect leather-free black belt to wear with those denim cut-offs you've been eyeing at the vintage spot on the corner.

Milk Makeup went 100% vegan! We're crying.

Here are the Milk Makeup buys we're obsessed with, for unicorns and star-children of all genders and complexions.

The best vegan shoes at Zara rn.

Zara's bursting with color-dripping options for spring-ready slides, sandals and pumps this season.


Our mission

To have all animal products out of Fashion Week by 2022.

We're committed to eliminating cruelty from fashion for animals, humans, and the environment. Every cruelty-free and ethical purchase you make contributes to changing the industry, and we're here to make it easy.

Welcome to the fashion revolution, cutie. It will be Instagrammed.

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